Our company launch at  CULTIVATE Tucson , a local pop-up market, in April of 2018.

What is thrill greetings?

At thrill greetings, we sell letterpress greeting cards geared to inspire and encourage handwritten correspondence. Our cards are designed to bring a thrill to the recipient in the everyday - even when there isn't a birthday or holiday happening. These cards are honest, fun, and intentionally created to be used for multiple writing occasions.

quick thoughts on thrill

  • We were inspired by our everyday, the people in it, and the cards we wanted to write in.

  • The design is simply our founder’s handwriting because things like this don’t have to be super fancy or take a crazy amount of time to complete. We hope they encourage everyone that their handwriting is great and their thoughts and words on paper are important and should be shared!

  • All cards are blank inside because we want you to fill them with your handwriting, thoughts, and words because, like we said above, we think that is really important and should be shared with others and cherished by them. And! You can use them for whatever you want! You’re not locked into a certain greeting.

  • thrill” is our name because it’s a thrill to get snail mail and we want everyone to receive and spread that feeling around!